Foil, glitter, and hot lead. Alchemy at Big Wheel Press

October 29, 2015

Foil, glitter, and hot lead.  Alchemy at Big Wheel Press

Our hot foil Heidelberg Windmill is about to set sail.  A low tech glitter machine is about to be unleashed producing shiny holiday cards.  And a new member of the hot lead world is on the way to our studio.

Up until last month we were only able to foil stamp 1 x 3 inch image areas.  Today another Heidelberg Windmill is coming on line with an 8 x10 inch foil capacity.  Copper plates are arriving and a great selection of foils will soon be in stock. 

We need more glimmer and gloss than just foil.  Holiday cards always look better with a dose of glitter.  No matter what the holiday.  Hand brushing on glue and sprinkling glitter is fun, but not if you want fine detail and you are doing 1000 cards.  After months of research we settled on a thermographic glitter system.  What?  Thermography was the style/technique of choice for business cards up until the 1980's.  A sheet is printed on with a slow drying ink and then powders are applied which stick to the wet ink.  Heat is then applied and the powders melt and bloom into a raised area.  By using clear powders and adding glitter we can print glitter cards.

And last, but not least, Uncle Elrod is coming to Big Wheel Press.  As many of you have read we are big fans of hot lead typecasting.  Back in the day, type was not the only thing cast in print shops.  Borders and line rules and spacing were cast on a machine called an Elrod.  We found one in an old printer's estate up in Maine and it is now on the slow ride to Easthampton. 

We will have videos on our instagram page as soon as all this fun new stuff is up and running.

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