Hot Lead Guru Visits Big Wheel Press

August 15, 2014 1 Comment

Hot Lead Guru Visits Big Wheel Press

Well, we were having some linecasting newby issues with the Intertype...again...but we lucked out and Dave Seat was just down the road in Rhode Island.  Dave is a hot lead genius.

On this trip he taught us how to resolve back spurts.  Sounds kinda nasty (and it is!), when too much molten lead tries to force its way into the mouthpiece.  It all backs up and hot lead ends up everywhere inside the machine.  It is a lot easier to cure than a front spurt, which can end up all over the operator and any bystander.

Dave came back again on Thursday will his lovely wife Beth and Chris took this photo which will hang proudly next to the Intertype.

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Lance Williams
Lance Williams

February 20, 2017

Hey, that Intertype looks very familiar…. Glad to see it has a new home and a family to use it well :-) Now you have to come get it’s brother :-)

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