This baby was in a hurry...

August 22, 2014

This baby was in a hurry...

I have printed a few letterpress pieces for Rachel Maddow and her partner Susan Mikula.  Each project is a lot of fun.  Early this spring I was contacted by their designer, my good friend Michael Kusek, to help out on a rush baby shower invitation.  Another printer had dropped the ball.

The copy arrived late Friday afternoon and I stayed until the evening to cast all the copy in hot lead on our Ludlow Model M type caster.  Saturday I printed the first color, and Sunday the second.  The invites were trimmed and ready for Monday morning.

Michael picked up the invites and texted Rachel and Susan a picture.  They loved the work and the turnaround time, but there was a problem.  Over the weekend the baby decided to join the party!  The copy on the invitations said "parents-to-be" and now they wanted to reprint with "new parents". 

They sent both invites in one envelope as a joke.


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