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Mount Holyoke College - ARTST-120FR Drawing I: 'Form, Structure, and Space' - Amanda Maciuba - Class Kit

Drawing I is an introductory course designed for all students, regardless of their previous experience in art. The course emphasizes creative, expressive, and analytical approaches to translating visual experience. Students will work with a variety of traditional and experimental materials, and will hone their skills through guided in-class exercises, independent homework assignments, and regular feedback. Upon completion of the course, students will have a strong command of the fundamental language of drawing, a deeper understanding of visual perception, and an ability to use the medium in imaginative, expressive, and conceptually engaged ways.


- Graphite Drawing Pencils; HB, 2B, 6B (2 of each)
- Charcoal Pencils; one 2B, one 4B
- Conte Crayon 2-packs; Black, White, Sanguine
- Compressed Charcoal Variety Pack
- Vine Charcoal Medium, 12 stcks total
- Higgens Black India Ink, 1 fl oz
- Value Brush Set, 6-pack
- Sumi Brush, size 6
- Medium Tortillions, 4-pack
- White Vinyl Eraser
- 2 Large Kneaded Erasers
- Chamois Cloth
- Pencil Sharpener & Eraser Duo
- Utility Knife
- 2 Boston Bulldog Clips, 2 1/4"
- Newsprint Pad, 100 sheet, 18x24"
- Medium Weight Drawing Pad, Spiral, 24 sheets, 18x24"
- Vinyl Mesh Portfolio Bag, 20x26"