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Weber Turpenoid? Light

200 degree Flash Point/ Turpentine Substitute

Similar to Original Odorless Turpenoid, a mild solvent, but with a much higher 200?F degree Flash Point, and more open work time when combined with other mediums. Turpenoid Light is a great medium for thinning artist oil colors, plus cleaning artist brushes, painting knives, palettes, other artist toolery and accessories.

Turpenoid Light is a highly refined mixture of odorless mineral spirits. It is used for thinning artist oil colors, for modifying oil painting mediums.

Safer Studio: Turpenoid Light artist solvent with a Very High Flash Point of 200?F degrees/ 93 ?C degrees. It meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) exemption for consumer products. Very slow and complete evaporation, allowing more open time when combining with other mediums. There are no harmful aromatics.