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Bruynzeel Tin 12 Triple Soft Feel Dark


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These triangular-shaped soft pencils are extra comfortable to hold. Because of the unique shape, you can hold the pencil ergonomically and the special coating ensures a soft, fine grip. The core of the pencil is made of high-quality pigment, resulting in a good colour output. Ideal for use during subjects such as drawing, mathematics or biology. The pencils are stored in a compact storage tin, which is handy for your school bag! The packaging contains 12 triangular pencils. Gluten-free. All Bruynzeel pencils are carefully made from responsibly sourced wood. Bruynzeel pencils are also double-glued so that they are extra strong and the chance of the core breaking - for example, if the pencil falls to the ground - is minimal! This prevents broken points and ensures that you rarely need to sharpen the pencil.