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Tilting at Windmills…How to find, buy, move, and restore a Heidelberg Windmill


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If you want to make a living in letterpress you just can't do it with a table top, treadle, or hand powered cylinder press.  You need a press that can make thousands of consistent, well registered impressions per hour. Day in and day out.  The press you need is a Heidelberg Windmill.  

Finding a solid Windmill and making it work can be a daunting endeavor.  It is very easy to get stuck with a press that will cost more to repair than the original purchase price.

This two-day workshop starts with how to source a worthy press.  Good presses are found at online auctions, in commercial print shops, someone’s basement or even in a cow barn.  We will go over where to look, what to avoid and how to choose the best press for your money.

Over the weekend we will be working on a Windmill that we acquired and not yet put into our line-up.  The class participants will prep and move the press on and off a truck and set it in place in the shop.  We will discuss crating and shipping options. 

Before positioning the presses, we will discuss the requirements for their new homes.  We will cover everything from door width and floor strength to electrical requirements and the necessary tools to have on hand.

At this point in the workshop we will start the restoration and maintenance.  Each group of two participants will be responsible for surveying and testing a press.  Then we will replace missing parts, talk about how to source parts. Hoses, rollers and any other missing parts will be on hand for installation.

On Sunday we will be operating the press to give you the feel of running a press.  There will be demonstrations of foil stamping and die cutting.  For further instruction on printing on the Windmill we offer a weekend printing workshop and private instruction.

This is a rare opportunity to determine if a Windmill is right for you.  Much of the information covered can be translated to other presses. 

An added bonus of this workshop is that the press you are working on will be available for sale.  Rarely do you get a chance to test drive a press before you take it home.

September 29 and 30, 2018