Our die cutting services allow us to make products into almost any shape or design. This level of customization makes each project very unique.  The die cutting details can be used on many different projects: wedding invitations, business cards, coasters, name tags and puzzles. 


Proper scoring is the key element to making any folded piece not only function it's best, but also stand up to the test of time! The most efficient method is to pre-emboss a narrow line into the paper at the fold's location. Doing so reduces stress put on the paper when folding, which in turn prevents cracking. The end result is a smooth and strong fold.  


Letterpress perforating uses special blades to punch perforations lines through paper. These types of lines allow for a clean fold, but more importantly, a sharp and clean separation of two sides. There is a variety of perforation mark that can be made. Think ticket stubs, note pads, calendars.


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