The Hebrew & Yiddish Press

Hebrew & Yiddish Type Cast in Hot Lead

Thomas Edison called the Linotype the eighth wonder of the world. 

Albert Einstein gave his energies to help fund a campaign so that a Yiddish newspaper in New York City could afford this amazing technology.

Big Wheel Press has acquired two of these early typecasting machines.  Even more exciting was our finding (and saving!) of twenty fonts of Hebrew and Yiddish linotype mats (the molds necessary to cast type) which were nearly lost forever.

This past July we were able to set Hebrew and Yiddish type in hot lead on the same machines used by Jewish type compositors one hundred years ago. Our collection is one you will find no where else in the world. Big Wheel Press is very proud to be one of very few printers in the world, casting and printing Hebrew and Yiddish type on a regular basis. 

There is still significant work to be done to fully restore these machines. Stay tuned for more updates and please be in touch with any questions or inquiries.  

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