Museum Shop Products

Big Wheel Press has worked in conjunction with prominent museums creating original letterpress prints for their collections.  Our work is in the collections of the University of Massachusetts Contemporary Art Museum, the Mead Museum at Amherst College, and Historic Northampton in Northampton, Massachusetts.  We create greeting cards personalized to your organization.  Historic images can be reproduced and turned into profit centers in your shop.

We have a minimum of only 25 units whether it be a custom greeting card, broadside, or historic reproduction.  Designs are created with your input, making the final project unique to your store.  Only the highest quality papers and ink are used.  Much of our equipment is over 100 years old.

If your museum has antique engravings in their collection that you would like to reproduce you can be assured of the safety of these items.  Often we will just make one impression off of an antique block, then clean and archivally treat the block for future longevity. Email for inquiries.

Broadsides are our specialty.  The type for this image was cast in hot lead on an antique type caster.

Greeting Cards personalized for your unique shop.

This image of Northampton, Massachusetts was found in disrepair.  We restored this block and preserved it for future printings.

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