Chinese New Year/Spring Festival

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The Chinese, during the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, place the character  福 (fu) on their front doors upside down. This character means fortune and good luck, and by hanging the  on the front door upside down, it is believed that fortune and good luck will enter your home in the New Year.

The Chinese word upside down  sounds the same as 到 arrive. Therefore, when people say,  "Your fu is upside down," it sounds like "Your fu has arrived," meaning
that your luck, happiness, and prosperity have arrived. Hence the upside down 福  (fu). 

We have created this letterpress card in the traditional format of presenting the fu stamped gold calligraphy on a red diamond background.

Hang this card with the attached ribbon for fortune and good luck this year.

5.25 x 5.25 inches square when folded

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